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The new business network dedicated to aluminum industry

AluWorking selects for you the best aluminum industry technologies available today on the market. Here you will find a Network of companies committed to constantly innovate products and production processes to support your business. We are ready to support you in choosing the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

Our mission

AluWorking is born with the aim to create a strategic platform based on a Network of the best companies of the aluminum industry, in order to create and support business opportunities.

Our network

Our Network activities help promoting market competitiveness, both as individual companies and as a group.

AluWorking brings together the most influent companies operating in the aluminum industry in one Network, a strategic platform to create and support new business opportunities.

The Network enables “virtuous circles” of technical, industrial and commercial activities. It helps expanding your business opportunities and meeting your specific market needs with a reliable, consistent and innovative response.


Becoming part of the AluWorking Network will bring many benefits to your business:

  • Efficient promotion of your brand and products on the international market scene, thanks to our recognized brand Network
  • Full advantage of the synergies with other companies within the Network
  • A Network of available commercial engineers for support and service activities in foreign markets, or where your business is going to expand
  • Optimization of cost and time of Web marketing and communication activities
  • Latest news and trends from the market

Would you like to join our network?

Contact us for help on how your company can join our network.

Fill out the contact form with your request or send us an email to support@aluworking.com, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest.

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