IMEAS core business consists in the production of grinding and brushing machines that exploit flexible abrasives tools such as abrasive belts and ScotchBrite™ rolls to obtain a precisely calibrated thickness as well as a good looking, homogeneous and smooth surface. IMEAS'’ wide range of products includes machines and complete lines designed to work the top and bottom surfaces of plates, sheets and coils, either in “wet” or “dry” mode. IMEAS’ solutions are successfully applied to stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other special metals as well as to rubber, plastic, wood-based panels (MDF, PB, OSB and plywood) and many others. Leveraging on its 50-years expertise, IMEAS also develops fully customized machines and lines according to Customers’ needs.


Established in 1966 IMEAS spa is a family-owned, Italian company that is specialized in manufacturing and supplying of special, custom-made machines and turn-key plants for grinding and polishing of stainless metals and special alloys, such as aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, molibdenum and nickel among others. The company is also active in the processing of wood-based panels for the building and furniture industries, as well as plastic, rubber and composite materials. Employing over 100 people worldwide, the company exports more than 90% of its products abroad.

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