Possibility of "modular growth"Which highlights even more the toughness, Reliability and flexible technology, not common characteristics, especially in models of machines with a more simple configuration.


We provide a complete range of products to meet every need in the field of aluminum, and light alloys. For companies that produce even very small components, such as insulating materials for electric or commercial exhibitors transformers, then maybe processed by other numerically controlled machines, so that they can devote the CNC machining to sun punctures and / or routing operations of the case, thus greatly increasing yields thanks to the separation of the cut entrusted to beam saw, Dedicated to superior performance machine (cutting) and with considerably less waste due to much more content of the tools thick blades used in CNC machines. The beam saw exploits dedicated optimization programs and software , Very powerful, making it possible to considerably less waste than any CNC and can be interfaced to any other machine and / or the management software or PC software. The Noise control and dust extraction efficiency are not comparable to any CNC and are available in key package completely and secured by hand, testable in testing with us with your materials that will be properly dissected and aspirated.

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